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“Swap Meet Board Game” Seach all the Booths at the Swap Meet to find and buy the 3 Items that are dealt to you. Just like going to a “Swap Meet” you are searching for certain items. That is what “Swap Meet Board Game” is all about. In the beginning of the game each player will receive 3 items to search for throughout the Swap Meet. There are 16 Booths to search for your items. Once a player finds all 3 items and returns to their Start Here space then they are the winner. 2 to 8 players can participate in Swap Meet Board Game. It is a “fun family game”. There are 48 Items all together but only 3 items to find per player per game. Seek, Buy, and Memorize!! NOTE: You will be buying direct from my manufacturer so the game will be a little pricy but you will be getting a new game fresh off the press. Enjoy.
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